17th July 2020

The International Federation of Accountants sets out how accountants can help businesses that have been disproportionately affected by Covid-19

IFAC’s Small Business Continuity Checklist – How to Survive and Thrive Post Covid-19 outlines key financial management and strategic management tasks, helping businesses to proactively identify and consider essential and timely information.

Key areas include the preparation of good cash flow forecasts, and a review of working capital (not new messages on our updates). Please do take a look. It really is a very good tool, and get us involved where you need us.

The checklist is included on IFAC’s dedicated Covid-19 web page, which has a number of other useful resources.

If you are new to Revel and are keen to find out more, please call our consultant Will Bolter FCCA MAAT ATT  (our designated COVID-19 response advisor) on 07379 451484 or contact us by email here.