3rd July 2020

Revel Accountants will shortly be posting three webinars on cashflow management

A vital skill to master for any business even before a global pandemic.

Webinar 1- Managing cashflow explained.

Irrespective of your size, whether you are growing, surviving or a mixture of the two dependent on the day, cash is king. Yet the sharing of the knowledge needed to better improve the health of your business is rarely done. We at Revel Accountants are offering our insight over three webinar sessions.

In our first webinar we explain:

  • Working capital, what this means and its importance.
  • We look at why and how to prepare a cashflow.
  • We offer hints and tips to get cash flowing.

Webinar 2- Getting Cash Flowing- a Detailed Run Through.

In our second webinar we explain:

  • How to get cash flowing in greater detail
  • How to manage when cash runs short
  • What happens when a customer goes bust
  • A look at Xero’s cashflow management tool

Webinar 3 – Constructing Robust and Good Cashflow Tools and Practice

In our third webinar we explain:

  • Simple and complex cashflow tool construction and the practical considerations
  • Using Xero to your advantage to build good cashflow practice
  • Revisiting cashflow and stress testing for a better future