28th March 2022

The Spring Statement 2022 in more detail from Revel

Spring-Statement 2022.

Taking a short break from year-end tax planning, Rob van Eyken says: “It is a key time of year for those looking to maximise their tax efficiencies. We spend a huge amount of time as a team, finely balancing the cost and the tax savings across a vast range of variables for both companies and you as individuals. What some may think is a quick decision, is anything but… but that is why we are here- we enjoy getting the maths right.

Also footnote- paying tax is a good thing- it means you are profitable and contributing to (what we hope for) a prosperous, just and health society. So, whether Rishi moves some numbers around or not, the savings are really only to be found in getting the planning right: tax cuts are a somewhat of a myth

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*Source Mercia