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Our services for you as a professional consultant, as an individual or through a service company, are designed with three things in mind: to take away all of your administration, help you save tax and ensure you keep abreast of the redtape.

A niche sector with increased scrutiny and complex tax rules deserves experienced professionals who you can trust to get on with the job of keeping up to date with your compliance in all senses, and keep you earning as efficiently as possible when it comes to tax. Revel is dedicated to meeting these needs. We can take the pain away and handle this work for you, allowing you to focus on completing your assignments, negotiating new contracts, or perhaps simply reducing the time you spend on these issues now!

We not only navigate the compliance maze for you; we have the experience in this sector and keep our knowledge of tax rules completely up to date. We take pride in utilising this knowledge to keep your tax bills as low as (legitimately) possible. Our services allow you to take advantage of tax breaks as and when they are available, so not only do we save your chargeable time, we save your business tax.

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