Our Values

Revel’s Mission Statement

Revel was started because we wanted to create a firm reflective of our values.

Over time, we have come to realise exactly how important those values are, not only for doing our best for our clients, but how they shape the environment and community we are part of by making Revel a rewarding place to work for our employees and consultants and connecting with our local community. Ultimately, we realise our actions and our company’s approach can contribute in an outwardly positive way to society and the environment.

Our ultimate aim has always been to add value to our clients’ businesses, and that to us means, using all our available tools effectively and efficiently to manage costs, and to act fast to get ahead of challenges our clients face. We recognise our efforts directly (and indirectly in some cases) contribute day to day to our clients’ success and that this comes down to us providing honest, innovative and personal advice, whilst delivering excellent service.

We achieve this as follows:

  • Provide quality advice and support
  • Tailored specifically to the client
  • In clear and simple terms
  • At prices that don’t cost the Earth

Our Values

Our values support our Mission and reflect what’s important to us and Revel to achieve our vision.

Our values matter for all the reasons discussed in our Mission Statement. They represent the culture we aspire to every day, guiding our judgements, building trust and helping us to be at our best.

We work in our client’s best interest:

  • We listen and understand our client’s needs and care about getting them to where they want and need to be.
  • We strive for excellence in everything that we do.
  • We put the hard work in behind the scenes to know what we are talking about.
  • We deliver tailored advice in language that is clear and simple to follow.

We act with integrity:

  • We are ethical.
  • We are honest.
  • We are accountable.

We act with initiative:

  • We plan ahead for deadlines and try to get our clients to do so as well.
  • We think of new ways for our clients to tackle problems.
  • We actively anticipate and prepare our clients for the future.

We work together:

  • We get the full picture before advising.
  • We don’t advise outside of our knowledge depth.
  • We are good colleagues- caring, polite, helpful, supportive and challenging of any behaviour to the contrary so we can all work at our best.

We forge links outside of the Revel bubble:

  • We create and encourage collaborative relationships across and outside Revel with other local professionals.
  • We seek ways to share knowledge and integrate work for the best of our clients.
  • We stay focussed on our priorities and support each other as a community (clients included) when under pressure.

How do we live up to our commitments?

We actively manage our broader impact as follows:

Positive place to work

We are an ACCA Platinum Approved Employer for training development.

Our staff are productive and engaged with their work so that you get the quality we strive for. Revel is committed to creating a positive and enjoyable place to work for our staff. Revel achieves this by having an open and trustworthy working environment, having an excellent Employee Assistance Programme, private health insurance cover and by supporting and encouraging training and professional development on a firm wide and a personal developmental level. We are an ACCA Platinum Approved Employer for a reason.

Charitable Giving

Wherever possible, Revel supports charitable fundraising and giving. We have supported both national and local charities inline with employee wishes.

Our communities

Revel is a local business. We are dedicated to establishing lasting roots and building strong business relationships covering the Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire area. This can be demonstrated by our “Revel Alliance” initiative, and our strong commitment to quality local networking groups. Combined with a local purchasing policy, Revel is committed to investing in the local economy and its people.

Looking beyond Revel’s clients’ needs, and its own supplier needs- Revel gives back. Revel is currently sponsoring a local under 7’s football team, The Headley Hotspurs and is always on the look out for similar sponsoring opportunities.

Pro Bono

Revel is in talks with two local Parent Teacher Associations about some pro-bono treasurer assistance. As Revel  grows, there is a desire to sustainably increase its pro-bono giving. Do get in touch if you have any ideas how we can work together.


For a long time now Revel has kept a very careful eye on its environmental footprint: we recycle, we have electrics cars for directors, we refill hand soaps, we keep our energy level to a minimum, we use eco-friendly pens, keep plastic to a minimum, use recycled paper, we recycle ink cartridges, we use compostable sponges, repair and renew IT hardware rather than buy new all the time, the list goes on. We take it seriously.

As a result of Revel’s long standing commitment to the environment and sustainability within its own supply chain, Revel has recently been awarded the Trade Mark Surrey Hills, a new accreditation and a Mark of local provenance, quality and sustainability. The Award promotes the very best of what Surrey has to offer and celebrates those organisations of high quality that reflect and support the distinct and special nature of the Surrey Hills and who share the values of supporting the local environment.


Revel primarily deals with local suppliers where possible.

Through supplier selection and direct engagement, Revel favour suppliers that actively:

Reduce their environmental footprint through:

  • Conservation of resources, including the use of energy, water and materials
  • Waste minimisation, both within their operations and through reduction of packaging
  • Reducing the impact of deliveries and maximising local sourcing

Deliver benefits to society through:

  • Complying with International Labour Organization (ILO) principles in respect to human rights and conditions of employment
  • Ensuring that slavery and human trafficking is not taking place in any of their supply chains and in any part of their business

Drive economic growth through:

  • Supporting job creation and facilitating opportunities for small-and-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and social businesses
  • Considering the life-cycle cost of products
  • Providing the Living Wage (at a minimum) to employees and contractors

We don’t just get things right first time for you. We are trying to get things right first time across the entire spectrum of being both a company and employer.

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